Alumni mailboxes issues

Alumni mailboxes

Alumni are entitled to keep their mailbox at CERGE-EI. Nevertheless, they should preferably explicitly request for it (just by answering the email sent by Computer Office) to inform the postmaster that they accept the conditions and will conform to the rules (see bellow). Otherwise the mailbox expires within 6 months.

The CERGE-EI LAN account will be closed regardless of mailbox availability, but could be kept in exceptional reasonable cases. Alumni are requested to check and move their data from \\fbox\home\<username> to another place as soon as possible.

Alumni mailboxes rules

All alumni who keep their CERGE-EI mailbox are requested to conform to the following rules.

  • mailbox must be used according to PASNET and Charles University rules, e.g. no commercials, no spamming etc.;
  • user must prevent and report any possible abuse of it, like stolen or lost password or even any suspicion that it could have happened;
  • user have to check and clean regularly the mailbox to avoid its overloading with an impact on the proper function of mail server.
  • user can ask the administrator to suspend his/her mailbox for whatever reason;
  • user can always choose another mode of keeping CERGE-EI address, e.g. forwarding all traffic to the external mailbox together with suspending or canceling regular mailbox at CERGE-EI.
  • it's advisable to inform the Computer Office about any external valid contact for exceptional cases.

Do not hesitate to ask the Computer Office in case of uncertainty how to find the best solution to stay in touch with CERGE.

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