Email Problem reporting

See article about incoming email filtering:|

It is important that the individual reports the problem or situation in a descriptive way, gives useful details, mentions the observed circumstances and invests at least some effort to the basic troubleshooting.

Well reported and documented issue may greatly shorten the overal time of the processing.

Please try to find and report as many details as possible by the following hints:

  • What is the problem? E.g. missing message, undeliverable message, sending message, login to the mailbox, dealing with quarantine problem…
  • Where is the problem? Which account/mailbox, which e-mail client, which message, which link…
  • What remains functional? Is the remaining functionality intact? E.g. Is there a problem with the specific message/task or with the others too etc.?
  • Did you try a basic troubleshooting to fix it?Did you restart email program, logout/logon to the webmail, did you tried another client, network connectivity, etc.?
  • When the problem occured? The time perpective of the problem. What was the last time it worked? What is the time of the last unsuccessful attempt etc.?

Specifically for the lost messages or undeliveries, collect at least these facts:

  1. Date and time
  2. Sender's address
  3. Subject
  4. Has the sender received any error message? Screenshot or copy of it.
  • Source of the message (header part of the message which contains all the delivery details)

Copy-paste the header part as a plain text to the email sent to helpdesk

  • in Thunderbird
    Select message, use shortcut Ctrl+U
  • in Zimbra webmail
  • in Kerio webmail
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