Pedagogical Resources from the Teaching Fellows Program

An overview of popular digital platforms that can be used to engage students and make classes more dynamic. The workshop demonstrates hands-on experience testing the tools from a student's perspective and analyzing their use from the pedagogical angle.

Ways to use Moodle for conducting online assignments of different types, storing grades, and communicating with students. Discusses multiple-choice questions as one type of online assignments.

Danijela explains how to use Econlab for running online experiments with students and shares her experience using the Talview online proctoring system, which she tested in Spring 2020. Iryna talks about her experiences engaging students during online classes and tips on how to organize oral and open book exams. Ella addresses teaching in a mixed mode with online and on-campus students participating at the same time, and practical tips on how to design open book exams to minimize cheating and collusion between students. Vladimir addresses doing derivations in online teaching: the technical side. Have you been writing with the mouse on the screen or even putting cameras in front of the whiteboards? There are better options! A short review of hardware and software that can be used to enhance on-board-like writing during online classes. Vladimir also demonstrates how a joint working space can be used to write during class, share the materials with students, perhaps, even organize group activities during classes, etc.

A concise compilation of various real-time classroom teaching strategies that can be applied through a typical on-site or distance lesson. These include: incorporating visual aids and media types into teaching slides, using effective in-class communication techniques, strategies for posing teacher questions and supporting student questions, and finally, ending lessons effectively.

Provides input and resources on active learning approaches to teaching Economics: cooperative learning techniques, alternatives to pure lecture, and use of media to engage today’s students. It also discusses elements of lesson planning and innovative teaching approaches, such as Service Learning and Flipped Learning.

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