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 ===== Basic Wi-Fi Settings ===== ===== Basic Wi-Fi Settings =====
-**Network name (SSID):** 'residents'\\ +see [[:public:wifiguide:resident-hints|WiFi 'residents'Configuration Hints]]
-**Username:** Use your registration email (use lower-case letters only)\\ +
-**Password:** Use the password shown to you during registration\\ +
-**Security type:** WPA2-Enterprise / 802.1X\\ +
-**Encryption type:** AES +
- +
-__**Other Connection Settings (if needed)**__ +
- +
-**Network authentication method:** Protected EAP (PEAP, Microsoft PEAP)\\ +
-**Certificate CA:** Do not validate / do not specify server certificate / accept certificate when asked (self-sign certificate is used)\\ +
-**Authentication Method:** EAP-MSCHAPv2 (Windows specific: disallow use of Windows logon)\\ +
-**802.1X Advanced Settings:** Authentication mode = User Auth. (enter and save your credentials)+
 \\ \\
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