Lifesize - Video conferencing and Online presentations

Lifesize is a video conferencing software, that enables connecting through virtual meeting rooms. Each meeting room has it's extension and link. Usually, one meeting room serves one particular purpose or group of students. The meeting rooms are managed by the Digital Media Center. To connect to the meeting room as a guest without registration follow the instructions below. Although users can use Google Chrome to connect, it is strongly recommended to use the Lifesize App for Windows and Mac, alternatively for iOS or Android

Lifesize App for Windows

Lifesize App for Mac

Mobile Lifesize App

1. Follow the link you have been sent eg.:

2. Download the app and then follow the link again (if you are using Google Chrome, the call will start in your browser window)

3. The app will open with the pre-filled extension (last numbers in the link). Fill in your credentials

4. Call the meeting room and fill in the passcode

5. Use headphones and external microphone, if you can. Standard headphones with microphone that you are using as handsfree for your smartphone will do

6. During the meeting, mute your microphone using the icon at the bottom of your screen unless you speak. It will significantly improve the quality of sound for all session participants.

Users can control the meeting rooms by icons on the bottom and the right side of the window. All users in the meeting room are asked to mute their microphone whenever they are not speaking. Users can also turn off their cameras, raise a hand, and hang up. Everyone can view the list of participants. Registered users can use chat and start the recording.

Users can also join the meeting room by downloading app for their mobile devices (smartphone or tablet). The applications and their controls are being regularly updated and reworked and vary across the platforms and versions of OS. In general, they have better stability and are less demanding in terms of quality of internet connection. However the major downside of the mobile apps is difficulty sharing the screen as well as the users usually can not see both the users on the other side and the screen they are sharing at once, and they have to swipe between different panels.

Faculty members and CERGE-EI staff can also ask DMC to create a Lifesize account. Registered users can use the chat in the meeting rooms, start the recording (however only CERGE-EI Lifesize Administrator can retrieve the recording from the server), can see CERGE-EI domain directory, call to the meeting rooms without link and call directly between themselves by creating a one-time meeting for example for individual consultations.

Lifesize service is integrated with the Digital Media Center classroom. The technology consists of cameras, microphones, lectern pc, touch display. From the experience, that touch display, that is integrated into the lectern, is a very useful tool, which enables the user to handwrite and draw either to their prepared documents or just use it as a whiteboard and share it live with both remote audience and audience in the room. If you need to use a video conference in the Digital Media Center, contact DMC Manager.

Any registered user can start the recording of the session in each of the meeting rooms. However, the system is secured and the recordings themselves are accessible by the Digital Media Center staff. To retrieve the recording of your event, contact DMC Manager. The recordings are generated in a specific format, where the shared presentation is always the primal part of the recording and the takes from the participant's cameras are only secondary pictures.

Except for Lifesize, there are more alternative video conferencing systems available. However, it is recommended to use mainly Lifesize for its security, simplicity, and availability of support from DMC. The most important factor is the system's integration with DMC's classroom, so the course is always available for the students and teachers under one platform whether there are in the building or are joining in remotely.

Other video conferencing services available are Microsoft Teams and Google Meet, that are part of the cloud services by Microsoft and Google. Information on how to access the services can be found here:|

It is also available to use Charles University's Zoom educational license. Information (in Czech) is available here: In general, the users have to request activation of their account by using their email address in a form instead of

Despite being a very popular instrument with various features, Zoom was experiencing serious security issues. DMC and IT staff recommend using primarily Lifesize for your meetings. If you still prefer to use Zoom, despite not being available in DMC and not being the main recommended platform for online teaching at CERGE-EI, please keep in mind, that you need to be very cautious in securing your meetings. Follow guidelines here:

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