PC Backup

Data backup from users' PCs to Network Attached Storage appliance

You will need to install a client software on the PC you want to backup the files from.

Please download the installation package Data_Replicator_0152 from \\fbox\programs\BACKUP and install the software or install directly from

\\fbox\programs\BACKUP\Data_Replicator_0152\0152\install\setup.exe (copy and paste this line into the “Search programs and files” window and run)

Synology Data Replicator 3 will be installed on your PC. Run the application. The setup of a backup or restore is straightforward and intuitive.

Please follow the steps below to set up your backup.

1. Select a backup destination

Select “Other location” as a backup destination and enter “\\pc-backup\pc-backup”. Input your username as CERGE-EI\<username> and your password. Click OK to finish.

2. Check the folders, eventually the whole disk partition you want to backup

3. Choose a backup mode

Immediate mode

the selected folders will be immediately copied onto the selected destination.

Sync mode

the replication of data from the selected folders will start within 20 seconds and will synchronize with the backup destination whenever you change something in the folders selected for backup. After Data Replicator 3 enters the monitoring mode, it will keep working until you stop it.


a backup can be scheduled on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Chose the backup mode which best suits the character of the data files and the way you process them.

The users are also provided with different additional options as filtering, email notifications, file versions, restore points etc. For email notifications set the Sender's email to “”, receiver's email to your email address and SMTP to “”.

For other options and Restore please check the HELP.

If you have questions or any difficulties with installing the software, setup or utilization please call the Computer Office or send email to

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