Privacy and Data Protection (GDPR), Data Management

Here you can find essential pieces of information, resources and hints regarding the data protection.

All employees and students are obliged to understand the GDPR measures and properly adapt these principles to their agenda.

An individual appointment regarding the data protection issues is always welcomed. Contact us at .

Data Protection in General / Obecně o ochraně OÚ [cz]

Data Protection Instructions [en] / CZ verze Pokynů k ochraně osobních údajů je zde

Document templates & guidelines / Šablony dokumentů a metodika

FAQ (Frequently asked Questions) / Otázky a odpovědi [cz]

Charles University - DPO Recommendations / Doporučení pověřence UK [cz]

Charles University - documents, templates, guidelines (mirror) / UK dokumenty - šablony a metodika (kopie)

Czech Academy of Sciences - documents, templates, guidelines (mirror) / AV ČR dokumenty - šablony a metodika (kopie)

Charles University - Open Science Support Centre

Managing Research Data [en] / Management výzkumných dat [cz]

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