G-mail on behalf of CERGE-EI address

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You can use Gmail as an email client for your CERGE-EI mailbox for receiving and sending messages.

To receive cerge-ei traffic use messages forwarding from CERGE-EI to Gmail as Gmail can not connect an external mailbox over IMAP. If you need to send or reply cerge-ei email from Gmail, please read the following guide:

You'll find there:

  1. How to arrange your setting and create new identity related to CERGE-EI mailbox.
  2. How to send an email on behalf of your CERGE-EI address.

Use CERGE-EI SMTP server to be able to address all distribution lists including the uppermosts, like All CERGE-EI Affiliate.

SMTP Settings

   Server Address:
   Connection Security: STARTTLS
   Port: 587 (default)
   Authentication Method: Normal password (ordinary PC/network password)
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