Email - Quarantine (Ironport)


If you decide to review or release the quarantined content, please be very carefull! Don't open any file unless you are certain it's legitimate.

If not sure or have questions, contact

Some messages may be blocked by antispam as suspected spam despite they are from a trusted sender.

There are %new_message_count% new messages in your Email Quarantine since you received your last Spam Quarantine Notification. If the messages below are spam, you do not need to take any action. Messages will be automatically removed from the quarantine after %days_until_expire% day(s).

Quarantine Notification - users get regular summary digest email from Ironport Mail Gateway about newly added quarantined messages.

Please note: Quarantine is always available via link provided in the digest email.
Simply click view your email quarantine link in the digest email message (see picture below)

Release from quarantine

Click 'Release' link adjacent to the message you want to release from quarantine. Be careful what you are releasing.

Whitelisting (sender email address)

You may whitelist sender email address. Next time email from the whitelisted sender appears, it should skip the quarantine.

Click 'view your email quarantine' and then select (check) what you want to be whitelisted and select '- - Release and add to whitelist' from drop-down menu.

(See example below)

Message from:

  • Click Subject text to preview the quarantined message
  • Click Release to release email from quarantine if you believe it's legitimate message
  • Click view email quarantine to see all quarantined message and eventualy do selective whitelisting and releasing.

  • select [x] message(s) you want to deal with
  • select appropriate Action:
    • Release - release selected messages (allow delivery)
    • Release and Add to Safelist - whitelist sender (From) so next time email might not fall into quarantine
    • Delete - delete message from quarantine, if it is true SPAM.

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