Archive mailer

Medium-Term Mail Archive :: mailserver dedicated for providing mailboxes intended to keep older email messages in the organised way and allowing access to the archived content via WEB and/or IMAP if necessary.

Institutional (non-personal) mailboxes usualy have tendency to grow over time despite of the properly applied maintanance such as deletion of some content.

A huge amount of messages causes problems to mail client and affects general reliability of such mailbox as it is more vulnerable to structure corruption and brings performance issues.

It is recommended to keep the size of mailbox somewhere under 1GB and do not have thousands of emails in mailbox and/or folder.

Having relatively small operative mailbox for day-to-day email communication and an extra mailbox as a medium-term archive at hand is the recommended concept.

Please keep in mind that there is still necessary to maintain mailboxes regularly (delete unneeded content, move old stuff towards the off-line archive).

Each official agenda may need an individual approach. It is recommended to discuss with IT optimal way of the email archive(s) setup.

Archive could by accessed by webmail at (but no move between two webmail sessions is possible)

  • When you need to move messages and folders from primary to archive server, you have to connect both of them simultaneously by IMAP (by Thunderbird or other heavy client) See, how to connect it. How to add mailbox to Thunderbird.
  • Than you can select and move or copy by drag and drop or better by leftmouse menu, MoveTo. Limit moving to not more than 1000 messages per request, otherwise you are risking the freeze of TB. For the next move use choice MoveTo the_same_folder again.
  • However there is possible in TB to select more folders in the left list of folders and Drag and Drop move it to another mailbox it is strictly recommended to avoid it as potentially problematic action. As it usually select huge number of messages at once. It is saver to create complete empty structure of folders in the destination archive mailbox and than select and move or copy (and delete original later) limited number of messages by using mouse menu commands.
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