G-mail Private account on behalf of CERGE-EI address

You can use Gmail as an email client for your CERGE-EI mailbox for receiving and sending messages.

To receive cerge-ei traffic use messages forwarding from CERGE-EI to Gmail as Gmail can not connect an external mailbox over IMAP. If you need to send or reply cerge-ei email from Gmail, please read the following guide:

You'll find there:

  1. How to arrange your setting and create new identity related to CERGE-EI mailbox.
  2. How to send an email on behalf of your CERGE-EI address.

Use the proper form of email address, not the Do not compromise your login, it should be kept secret or at least private to avoid brute force attack and to make abuse harder.

For username use on the contrary the login exclusively, not the complete email address, as it will be disabled for future.

Use CERGE-EI SMTP server to be able to address all distribution lists including the uppermosts, like All CERGE-EI Affiliate.

Last but not least

Using the CERGE-EI SMTP server is also the necessary condition if you are using cerge-ei address in the From filed. For the security reason it is not allowed to use our address over outside SMTP servers. It is detected as spoofing and your messages are marked as untrustworthy

Gmail is unsupporting this old type of identity setting for the new account for a several years.

SMTP Settings

   Server Address:
   Connection Security: STARTTLS
   Port: 587 (default)
   Authentication Method: Normal password (ordinary PC/network password)
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