Password management Portal (PWM)

Warning: Portal (PWM) is in test phase as of now. Only selected users are involved in testing. If you want to be allowed to use the Portal in this phase, just let us know (

After we go live, the rest of the CERGE-EI users will be gradually allowed to the Portal.

PWM Portal is available at

Later, in case you need to reset your expired or forgotten password via this Portal, your identity is confirmed by sending SMS with a code to your mobile phone.

We strongly recommend you to enter your mobile phone number at the Portal (in Profile section) for future use (to be able receive SMS from the Portal).

The PWM Portal uses your mobile phone number to send you security confirmation SMS.

SMS is used ONLY for the password recovery services. We do not use the phone number for any other purposes. You may enter, change or delete your mobile phone number anytime you want via Portal (section “Update Profile”)

Mobile Phone number is entered to the 'Pager' field:

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