AV Equipment - Room #402

"One Pager" PDF available for download
…contains complete AV equipment handling overview. Also available in paper form in the classroom.

Touch the Lectern Control Panel – it wakes up immediately

Press the button “Press for local presentation” to start…

  • Left and Right projectors are turned on automatically, Lectern PC/Laptop is selected as a source of the presentation
  • During the presentation you may:
    • Turn ON/OFF the Side Display and then select its signal source (HDMI) (see column “Side Display” → “Power ON/OFF” + select signal source with “Present from”)
    • Adjust Master Volume and Mute sound (Slider at the right side of the Control Panel)
    • Turn the Lights and Shades ON/OFF (touch button “Lights & Shades” to see the sub-menu)
    • Adjust audio Setup to change sound levels of presentation etc. (touch button “Audio setup”)

After your presentation, turn off the equipment:

  • Touch “Power OFF” button at the upper right corner (“Power Control” menu appears)
  • Touch “System OFF” button in the middle of the screen to completely shut down AV equipment
  • Finally turn off the presentation PC (placed in Lectern)

To reset to DEFAULT (start-up) setup: turn the System OFF, wait for 2 minutes and turn it ON again

Note: There is a 2 minutes cool-down period after you turn projectors off
(it is NOT possible to turn projectors ON again before they properly cool down)

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