CANON - printing, copying

  • Service scope - Canon multifunction device is available for staff, researchers, faculty and students.
  • Identity - Only users with network account can use it (scan, print, copy). These activities are always bound to individual username.
  • Identification - For identification use your ID card (self registered), network account or PIN.
    • If you have ID card issued by Charles University, use this one preferably.
    • If you have only anonymous entrance ID card (red color), you can use any ID card, which CANON printer can recognize (e.g., OpenCard, Lítačka, library ID card etc…).
    • You can also always log in with your network username and password.
  • ID card registration - Each user registers (assigns) individually his/her ID card via CANON display control panel (to pair ID card with an account)
  • Billing - Student's should be aware, that printing and copying activities are billed regularly (usually on monthly basis).
  • Printer driver - You need to have proper driver installed to be able to use CANON printer. Printing queue's name is secureinput.
  • Pick your printing - After you send print job to secureinput printer (printing queue), you can print it at CANON printer, just identify yourself with your ID card or PIN.
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