• Providing you have MyQ multifunction devices properly installed and fully functional, select (double click) MyQ in Devices and Printers pop-up menu option.
  • Select Printer and then Properties in pop-up menu


  • Select Device Settings if you want to use e.g. the staple


  • Select Device options and click OK


Check that the finishing features can be used on the destination device

  • Go to General option and click on Preferences… to configure printing preferencies


  • In Basic option select Print size (A4 [100%]), orientation, duplex etc.


  • Select Finishing to configure e.g. Staple


  • Configure Staple options and if you finished your configuration, select Save As… to save it as a Profile
  • The maximum number of pages that can be stapled:

- Taskalfa printer third floor (corridor) - 65 sheets of A4 or 30 sheets of A3

- Taskalfa printer fourth floor (kitchen) - 50 sheets of A4 or A3


  • Select a proper name for your profile and a proper icon click on OK to save it


If you want to use the profile, select it in Printing Preferences of the printer.

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