KYOCERA OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

OCR is curently installed as a time limited preview for evaluation purposes.

Not all of the provided features may be available later in production.

  • Log into any KYOCERA multifunction device ( see details at Print & Copy & Scan)
  • Select OCR tile → select Scan OCR DOC as output (Microsoft Word DOCX document)
  • Use either auto-loading top scanner tray (duplex) or scan manually individual pages via copier's top lid (Enable 'Continuous scan' option if there are more pages to scan to single document)
  • Send scanned material via your CERGE-EI email account as PDF file to email address
  • Max size of email (attachment) is about 20 MB
  • Resulting documents smaller than 10 MB are emailed to the respective user
  • Resulting documents over 10 MB are stored locally at and temporal link for download is send by email (kept / available for 1 day)
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