Remote Desktop Connection

* How to connect RD from outside without VPN

If you are running a Windows-based computer, you can connect to a remote computer via the Remote Desktop Connection tool. This application allows you to use all the resources of the remote computer through your PC’s display. In other words, using this program you can control another Windows PC via your personal computer, remotely.

How to start the Remote Desktop Connection Tool

If you're using Windows 7, you can launch the Remote Desktop Connection client from the Start Menu. Click All Programs and navigate to the Accessories group. There, click the Remote Desktop Connection shortcut.


If you're using Windows 8.1, you can launch the Remote Desktop Connection from the Start screen. First, open the Apps view. Look for the Remote Desktop Connection client and click or tap its name to launch it. You'll find it in the Windows Accessories folder.


No matter which way you choose to open it, once the Remote Desktop Connection client is launched, you'll be able to type the computer name of the host (or its IP address) and connect right away. However, you might want to adjust some settings first. Read the next section to find out how to configure the Remote Desktop Connection.


How to configure Remote Desktop Connection in Windows

In order to set the Remote Desktop Connection to work as you like it to, expand its preferences by clicking or tapping on Show Options.


The General tab allows you to enter the computer name (e.g. HeavyHorse2 workstation) and the username. The computer name is how the host computer identifies itself on the network. Also, if you have troubles connecting using a computer name, you can also connect using the host's local IP address.

In the User name field, enter the username of a standard user account that has been enabled for Remote Desktop connections. In other words, use a user account that you would enter if you were logging in locally to the host machine.

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When connecting, Remote Desktop Connection will give you a series of warnings. The first one asks you if you trust the computer you're connecting to. Dismiss this message by clicking/tapping Connect. If you don't want to be reminded about it each time you connect to this machine, you can also check “Don't ask me again for connections to this computer”.

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Next, you'll be asked to enter your password. Use the same password you would use to log in locally.

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If you used an IP address to connect, you'll see a warning about the server name on the certificate not matching the computer name you entered. This may also happen if you didn't use the exact same capitalization when entering the computer name.

As long as the certificate name displayed is something you recognize, it's safe to click/tap Yes and continue.

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After connecting, you'll see the remote machine in a window of its own. To give the remote machine keyboard and mouse focus, click or tap inside the window or make it full screen. To close the connection, simply close the window.

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