Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage service, that enables users to securely create, browse, share and edit documents, view videos, and listen to audio files. CERGE-EI has GSuite for education licenses available, including Google Drive with unlimited storage and other features. Students and teachers can send a request for the activation of their account connected with their email address to The list of features of GSuite can be found here:

To upload a file into your Google Drive folder click on NEW in the top left corner - click on FILE UPLOAD - choose the file from your device - and share it. You will notice a small rectangular box at the bottom of the website that will tell you how long it will take to upload this file. Once the file is fully uploaded you can share the link with your students.

To share the file open the file you want to share - in the top right corner click on Share (blue rectangle) - a new window will pop out with a link you can copy and post to Moodle/CMS/Basecamp, e-mail, etc. Once you are done sharing the specific file you can hit a blue DONE button and that's it.

In case you want to upload documents, it is recommended to upload them in the PDF version to prevent students from changing and or deleting the text.

Make sure you DO NOT share any passwords with the students, share ONLY the links to files/folders.

Google has very well useful instructions and FAQs here:
For further question contact or

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