WiFi network SSID 'residents'

Registered users are allowed to freely access internet and public CERGE-EI services (Email Server, Web Services, VPN)

Network uses WPA2-Enterprise / 802.1X secured access.

You have to ask for your own credentials at Wi-Fi Registration micro-site first…

Registration site address is

Important: registration site is accessible ONLY from CERGE-EI on-premises networks (LAN, WiFi)

If you are eligible to access the network (if affiliated to CERGE-EI), an individual password is generated for you and access is granted for certain period of time.

Main purpose

This Wi-Fi allows registered users to freely access internet and public CERGE-EI services (Email Server, Web Services, VPN)

Why Secure Wi-Fi?

WPA2 is a standards-based authentication method that provides a very secure authentication process which secures user credentials from interception over the air. It also comes with built-in encryption and thus it is the wireless access method of choice for enterprise class networks such as our own.

Individual credentials

Each user has his/her own credentials so granular control over who or what connects to the network is possible.

Generated password

Password for Wi-Fi access is machine-generated at the moment user asks for it and is immediately encrypted and stored in a database only in this encrypted form. It means that no one can get a plain text password afterwards.

Lost password

A minor drawback could be that you must memorize or write down password at the moment it is revealed (before the page with the password is closed). It is not possible to show the password again in the future. If you lose your password you must go through the registration process again (usually with the same email)

More devices

You can use your own credentials to join WPA2-Enterprise WiFi at our premises with all your devices.

Never share the login

Never ever give your credentials to another person!

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