WiFi 'residents' - Configuration Hints

Network name (SSID) residents
Username your registration email address (use lower-case letters only)
Password Use the password shown to you during registration
Security typeWPA2-Enterprise / 802.1X
Encryption typeAES
Network authentication methodProtected EAP (PEAP, Microsoft PEAP)
Authentication MethodEAP-MSCHAPv2 (Windows specific: disallow use of Windows logon and password)
802.1X Advanced SettingsAuthentication mode = User Authentication (enter and save your credentials)
Certificate Authority (CA)Do not validate / do not specify server certificate / accept the certificate when asked
select USERTrust RSA Certification Authority
  • You can use your Wi-Fi access credentials for all your devices
  • Never give your credentials to any other person!
  • Each user must use his/her own credentials because of security rules and measures
  • Please avoid any illegal network activities and always follow university rules
  • If you lose your password you have to reset your account (use button Reset account… at the bottom of your registration page)
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