Email at CERGE-EI in general

Current level is about 100 email sent per hour, which should be enough for regular email use.

It is a general security limitation and cannot be changed for individuals unfortunately.

There are serious objective reasons to limit this mostly because of security reasons and to keep general reputation score of our CERGE-EI site positive (so your regular emails will be well accepted by the other parties in the world)

Anyway, regular email system is not intended for mass mail services because it counts against the SPAM score and REPUTATION of the sit as a whole.

SPAM filters all around the world are becoming more strict every day. It is easy now to be on GRAYLIST or BLACKLIST and hard to get back from it…

Possible workaround

You must divide your recipients amount into smaller packs and sent them in more batches sent each hour…

!!! Please note, that base64-encoded files are usually about 137% the size of the original files.

Emails from/to CERGE-EI

Maximal size of email message including attachments is about 20 MB

Emails sent internaly

Maximal size of email message including attachments is about 20 MB

Some attachments are not allowed, especially:

  • Executable files (binary executables, executable scripts, documents containing macro, etc.).
  • Encrypted archives (password protected) (like ZIP files).


  • Emails containing disallowed content (like executable files) are rejected.
  • Password protected files are removed from the message. Original message is eventualy placed to the personal quarantine and may be manually released later.

Be VERY careful when dealing with quarantined files.
They may contain malicious code, ransomware, viruses.
Don't open any file unless you are certain it's legitimate.
If not sure or have questions, contact

Ironport sends hourly digest about new quarantined messages

It is practical to keep the link to your personal quarantine page for future use (link: View All Quarantined Messages)

for details go to Email - Quarantine (Ironport) article

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