ArcGIS Desktop (offline version) is not freely available at the Arcgis website. In case someone need the installation package, it may be asked via

Licenses held by CERGE are in the form of year's subscription and allow use of ArcGIS Desktop in off-line mode.

There are 4 named licenses available and it is at the discretion of the coordinator/supervisor how the assigment is provided.

Users who are not in need to use the Arcgis products for they research/study should not have license assigned.

Important: CERGE does not pay for 'premium' services offered by ArcGIS such as online storage, location tracking, geocoding, routing, spatial analysis, business search, demographic maps and layers, infographics, feature reports, scene layer generation etc.

These services are credited while they are used.

Users are not supposed to use credits because CERGE did not pay for these credits in the year's subscription and must not be charged extra money later for the credit use (even credits used by mistake).

In general, users MUST pay attention if they are using some online service, even from the ArcGIS Desktop Suite, checking in advance the ESRI website, or consulting with IT or even the ESRI support if it is necessary (IT may provide the contact).

(just for better understanding - one credit is similar to one US dollar)

for more information see

Credits are the currency used across ArcGIS and are consumed for specific transactions and types of storage, such as storing features, performing analytics, and using premium content. Any ArcGIS software that interacts with ArcGIS Online, such as ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Insights, or ArcGIS Collector can use credits. Most of what you do in ArcGIS Online does not require credits—for example, using ArcGIS Living Atlas basemaps and imagery, exporting data, and performing single address or place searches. In many cases, credit-consuming activities carry a relatively low cost. For example, it costs less than 5 credits to geocode 125 addresses, store 2GB of map tile data, or enrich ZIP Code boundaries in Detroit, Michigan, with four variables of population and income data.

Credits system:

Following is the extract from the credit system applied by ArcGIS (2021):

CapabilityExample of where usedCredits used
Feature storage, excluding feature attachments, feature collections, and features associated with location trackingStore a hosted feature layer2.4 credits per 10 MB stored per month, calculated hourly. Note: Feature layer settings, such as Enable Sync and Keep track of created and updated features, can increase storage size over time.
Storage of all content, excluding hosted feature layers and content in ArcGIS NotebooksStore web maps, Store feature collections, Store attachments in a hosted feature layer, Store published vector tile layers from ArcGIS Pro, Store scene layer packages from ArcGIS Pro1.2 credits per 1 GB stored per month
Storage of all content in an ArcGIS Notebooks workspaceUpload and store content including shapefiles, CSVs, and other files in a workspace12 credits per 1 GB stored per month, per user
GeocodingMatch addresses when publishing spreadsheets (such as CSV or Excel files) as hosted feature layers using ArcGIS World Geocoding Service or a view of this locator40 credits per 1,000 geocodes
Service AreasCreate Drive-Time Areas0.5 credits per drive-time
Closest Facility Routes, Optimised RoutesFind Nearest0.5 credits per closest facilities route
Multi-Vehicle RoutesPlan Routes1 credit per vehicle route
GeoEnrichment ServiceEnrich Layer10 credits per 1,000 attributes (data variables multiplied by total feature records)
Location-AllocationChoose Best Facilities0.1 credit per allocated demand point
Origin Destination Cost MatrixGenerate Origin Destination Cost Matrix in ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap0.0005 credits per input origin and destination pair
Spatial AnalysisAggregate Points, Join Features1 credit per 1,000 features (queried for Find Existing Locations and Derive New Locations). Join Features does not consume credits if you choose the option to create results as a hosted feature layer view.
Business SearchSearch businesses and facilities in Business Analyst Web App10 credits per 1,000 records
Demographic Maps and LayersPan ArcGIS Living Atlas Tapestry layer in map10 credits per 1,000 map requests (pan, zoom, and identify)
InfographicsView infographic in ArcGIS Maps for Office10 credits per 1,000 views
ReportsRun reports in Business Analyst Web App10 credits per report
Tile GenerationBuild tile cache with ArcGIS Online1 credit per 10,000 tiles generated
Scene Layer Generation From FeaturesPublish hosted scene layers from hosted feature layers1 credit per 5,000 untextured multipatch features or point features
ArcGIS Notebooks runtimesCreate, open, and run notebooks3 credits per hour, per notebook using the Advanced runtime, calculated per minute (10 minute minimum), 30 credits per hour, per notebook using the Advanced with GPU runtime, calculated per minute (10 minute minimum)

Users of the ArcGIS are not permitted to use such 'premium' credited features.

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