Software Overview

for Charles University's multilicence software go to

(e.g.: Matlab, Grammarly Premium, Grapher a Surfer, COMSOL Multiphysics, … )

The following software is installed on CERGE-EI clients' PCs:

Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC (64-bit)

  • Connected to CERGE-EI Active Directory
  • Standardised user profile
  • No admin privileges

installed on all machines

Text editors, spreadshets and presentation software

  • MS Office Enterprise Edition
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (in latest version)

Email Clients

  • Mozilla Thunderbird (preferred and supported)
  • Microsoft Office Outlook (unsupported alternative)

WWW Browsers

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome

Security Software

Centralised Security Software Management suite

  • Mandatory ESET Antivirus System and firewall (managed and updated regularly)
  • Encryption DESLock (installed on notebooks)
  • EPM from CyberArk (installed on notebooks)
  • TeamViever agent for remote support (installed on notebooks)
  • 7zip
  • Classic Shell
  • Faststone ImageViewer
  • K-Lite Codec pack Mega

Selectively installed on PCs in the Computer Room and PCs for Faculty and Researchers

The software is monitored by one faculty member or researcher. The role of a monitor is to let the Computer Office know about any new versions, upgraded, extra packages etc. that are coming up and that would be useful for the institution to have:

  • EndNote X5 (50 licenses), monitored by Jan Hanousek *
  • EViews 6 (10 lab licenses and 5 floating network licences for F&R), monitored by Jan Hanousek *
  • TSP 5.1 with OxMetrics (site license) - purchased through the USAID program 2009 - 2010, monitored by Jan Hanousek *
  • STATA 16 SE (25 floating licenses, installed on the computers in the Computer Room and on F&R computers), monitored by Daniel Munich *
  • STATA 16 MP 64bit (1 license installed on the Heavy Horse 2 workstation)
  • StatTransfer 13 for Windows (10 licenses), monitored by Jan Hanousek *
  • Mathematica 8.0.1 (site license), monitored by Michal Kejak *
  • MATLAB TAH (Total Academic Headcount) provided globally by CUNI - see details here
  • MATLAB R2015a with Toolboxes - Statistics Tbx, Financial Tbx, Symbolic Math Tbx, Optimization Tbx, System Identification Tbx, Signal Processing Tbx (20 licenses for the Computer Room, 7 floating licenses for faculty and researchers), monitored by Marek Kapicka *
  • WinEdit 8.0 on MiKTeX 2.5 (25-users site license, 10 licenses installed on the computers in the Computer Room) *
  • Scientific WorkPlace 4.0 (2 student licenses for the Computer Room and 5 floating licenses for faculty and researchers), monitored by Michal Kejak *
  • ArcGIS Desktop Advanced (4 named licenses) (more details about use), monitored by Martin Srholec *

* request the Computer Office staff to install the software (see Software Installation Gudelines)

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