You can view or download brief Wi-Fi connection guide.

There are three wireless networks at CERGE-EI. Their purpose is more or less complementary:

The Wi-Fi network LIBAIRFREE serves for Internet access via simple web authentication and is intended mainly for guests.

  • After your device is connected, start device's web browser and enter username and password.
    Hint: if you are not redirected to authentication web page, use
    (or use IP - you must confirm security exception to use untrusted certificate in this case
  • Username and password for authentication can be obtained at the CERGE-EI Library (Ground floor).
  • Authentication is valid for one day and/or one stay. After that, it must be done again.

Allowed traffic is limited to secure email services and common HTTP, HTTPS based services.

You can use the Wi-Fi Registration microsite to obtain your own residential account for secure 'residents' Wi-Fi (the address is

Important: registration site is accessible ONLY from CERGE-EI on-premises networks (LAN, Wi-Fi)

This network provides a secure authentication process for individual users (WPA2-Enterprise / 802.1X authentication)

  • If you intend to use Wi-Fi at our premises for the prolonged period of time and you are affiliated with CERGE-EI, you SHOULD use this Wi-Fi network.
  • Each user has his/her own credentials so granular control over who or what connects to the network is at place.
  • You have to ask for your own credentials at Wi-Fi Registration microsite first (address is
  • Never give your credentials to any other person!

Important: registration site is accessible ONLY from CERGE-EI on-premises networks (LAN, Wi-Fi)

If you are eligible to access the network, your password is generated along with the certain grace period of usage.

Pay attention to special settings in Windows (see bellow in General Info and Guides).

The Wi-Fi network 'cerge-ei' is restricted for back-office internal purposes only.

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